Posted on Feb 27, 2011

3D on the web, a new beginning

Adobe announced last year their last effort to bring low-level 3D API to the Flash Player, project named Molehill. Today is the day that every Flash developer can begin to play with Molehill through the Flash Player Incubator. It’s only a preview build, but it will surely redefine the “interactive-application-on-the-web” experience in the near future. Take a look at Zombie Tycoon, by Firma Studio; it is a really impressive preview for what’s to come with Flash Player 11.

In the meantime, Away3D, a very popular 3d API for Flash Player, has announced their version 4.0 alpha that support Molehill to boost their performance. You should really take some time to check out the “head demo” they posted, it’s a pure beauty that runs on the web.

Is Unity3d at risk? Well not really because the two plugin have their own strength and capabilities and Unity team has also announce to support Molehill through a “build for Flash Player” in conjunction to their “build for Web Player”. It is an amazing news for developer that seen the “Unity Player” as another useless plugin to install.

And I’m very confident that the Molehill API will also bring a lot of performance tweaks to the Flash Player resulting in a better web-experience across all platforms. So stay tuned for 3d-web development in the next year!

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