Posted on Apr 27, 2011

Steering behaviors resources

So where was I? I did a complete rewrote of my navigation mesh classes to take advantage of asynchronous loading. I’ve struggled to find good explanation of the steering behaviors to build a reasonably good path-follow-behavior.

What I’m looking for is a way to achieve believable locomotion within a navmesh for my AI. Here a new screen of my navmesh with gizmos, optimized path (string pulled).

Navigation mesh with optimized path

Navmesh with optimized path

After a post on the unity forum that provided little help in finding good resources on the subject, I found myself once more on Google. Yeah sure I got a reply, but it only proved that I did not searched enough. So this post will served as I links repository of the resource I can get my hand on.

OpenSteer (C++ lib)

UnitySteer (port of OpenSteer to Unity)

Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters

The AI Systems of Left 4 Dead

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