Posted on Oct 1, 2011

Fun with Amazon EC2

As I stated in my last post, I started playing with Mono.NET as a server-side language. I currently own a shared-hosting server without root access, and I could not find any hosting provider that could run Mono.NET application.

So I thought it was time to try Amazon EC2, part of Amazon Web Service. Amazon EC2 is a cloud computing service that offer you the possibility to spawn / kill server instances on-the-fly. It also give you complete control over your instance with root access! The sign-up process is relatively fast and require you to enter billing information. In matter of few hours I was able to spawn my first “Free Tier Micro instance” (first 720 hours are free) and connect through SSH!

I followed this tutorial to setup PuTTY (SSH client for Windows) to connect to my instance and then partially this one to install the latest version of Mono.NET (2.10.2) from source. It took about 4 hour since the Micro Instance only run on 1 EC (1.2 Ghz CPU) with ±600mo of RAM. I successfully ran my Mono.NET deamon that I created on my Windows 7 box.

So in the end, I think Amazon EC2 is a great service and I’ve concluded that if my game idea is to be brought to light, I would definitively go for that setup since it allows me to scale according to my needs.

No screen shots because Terminal consoles are just plain boring to watch…

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